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Jack the Ripper

"Only by starting at Tower Hill can you unlock the truth about the Jack the Ripper murders."
Donald Rumbelow
, author of The Complete Jack the Ripper

This is the original - and complete - Jack the Ripper Walk
It takes place every night of the year (except December 24 and December 25) at 7:30pm from just outside the exit of Tower Hill Underground Station.

We begin at Tower Hill because there we are right on the boundary between Scotland Yard territory and City of London Police territory. Only by beginning there can you understand the conflict between the two London police forces and their leading personalities. A conflict which blurred the investigation and made it easier for the Ripper to slip through the police nets.

And please tread carefully and keep away from the shadows...for you are about to enter the abyss.

Which is by way of saying, the setting itself couldn't be more dramatic. Two minutes into the walk a back alley takes us into a hideaway where the grim old London Wall rears up directly before us. It's a hideaway so dark and so still you can hear people breathing, a place where the clock seems permanently turned back to 1888, back to the Autumn of Terror.

Furthermore...ours is the only nightly Ripper walk that goes into the spooky old Victorian pub where one of the Ripper's victims drank. Very little has changed...right down to the chilling old photographs and newspaper headlines that lour at your from the walls. Here, the autumn of 1888 never ended...

Don't worry, at the end of the walk you won't have to make the long trek through dark, empty streets all the way back to Tower Hill. Our walk ends right at the safe, convenient London underground station that is very close to where the last ghastly murder took place.

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